WMA Joiner

Wanna find a joining or merging tool to join or merge your favorite audio segments into one large non-stop file? Well, don't miss WMA Joiner.

WMA audio Joiner is handy audio-joining software created to combine multiple WMA files into one large "non-stop" movie file.

After you free download our WMA joiner and install it in your computer, import a series of WMA files by dragging and dropping. Detailed information such as path, type, duration and file size is all displayed in an order. Besides, you can play these WMA files with player chosen from your computer.

The following words are some brief summary of features and functions about this wonderful audio joiner software.

WMA Joiner Screenshot

Key Features and functions

Simple interface : With intuitive "drag and drop" interface, it is so easy to run our WMA Joiner software. Anyone can use it without any guide.
Encode Mode : It supports joining or merging WMA audio files to an integrated movie file. In addition, encode joining mode is superior for its precision.
Joining files in batch : Join WMA files as many as you want. You wanna combine dozens of audio collection instead of playing them again and again? No problem, WMA joiner will finish the process within several minutes.
Organizing files in your way : If you are an organized person and would like to merge your audio collection in better organization as you always do, you will appreciate the functionality of this WMA joiner has.
Profile parameters : Configure the merge parameters in advance including codec, bitrates, sample rate and channel, then start the joining process. You will find you are a digital sound expert who is capable of getting the ideal sound effect you want.
Lifetime free service : You can enjoy Lifetime FREE Technical Support, FREE upgrade and quick response to your problems or questions.
We are sure that this wonderful WMA joiner can merge your favorite WMA files efficiently and bring you wonderful musical experience.


> Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or later runtime
> Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/ Windows Vista/ Windows7