WMA Joiner for Mac

You are tired of playing numbers of small audio segments? You are dying for a professional audio joining software under Mac OS? Then, why don't try our WMA joiner for Mac?
WMA joiner for Mac can be used to join or merge unlimited numbers of WMA clips into one large movie file without any interruption on Mac. This audio joiner software acquires good reputation because of its high merging or joining speed, good quality of output file and adjustable profile parameters.
Simple and intuitive interface make it possible to use this Mac WMA joining utility efficiently for anyone without any computer expertise and special training.
Drag and drop small WMA audio files as many as you want, you will get a large non-stop movie file within several seconds.
Using our WMA joiner on Mac, you don't need to bother lining up your audio clips manually, the files will be organized in a new order as you want them with a few clicks, like moving up or down, to top or bottom.
You can set parameters including bitrates, audio codec, sample rate and channel.

WMA Joiner for Mac Screenshot

Key Features about Mac WMA Joiner

Fashionable and intuitive interface make it a breeze to use this WMA audio Joiner software without any guide.
Combine WMA clips as many as you want, you can get a whole non-stop movie file.
Joining speed on Mac is really high.
You can't find any difference between large joined file and original clips regard audio quality.
With a few clicks, you have a list of small WMA audio segments in a new order as you want them.
Profile parameters including bitrates, audio codec, sample rate can be set or defaulted.
Using WMA Joiner on Mac,perfect merged file brings you wonderful musical experience without any interruption.
Lifetime FREE Technical Support, FREE upgrade and quick response to your problems or questions is another feature of our WMA joiner for Mac.

System Requirements

> Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6)