WMA Splitter

WMA Splitter is an easy-using and powerful digital cutter to split, cut or trim precisely one WMA file into several video clips, with equal size clips or manual selection by specifying start point and end point.

Advanced direct stream cutting and re-encode cutting is welcomed by users because of different merits.
WMA audio Splitter has a built-in video player. You can preview audio files before splitting.

You can also display and edit your audio tracks by adjusting profile parameters such as codec, bitrates, sample rate and channel.
Source files with detailed information are displayed to help you edit output files.

With this easy-using and professional WMA splitter, you can get your favorite WMA audio segments with only a few mouse clicks.

WMA Splitter Screenshot

Main Function

1.Cut one super large WMA files to multiple clips of equal or different size.
2.Extract the best parts of a large audio files.

Key Features of WMA Splitter

WMA-WMA Splitting : WMA-WMA Splitting, which also can be called direct stream cutting, is specializing in cutting WMA-WMA file without re-encode. So the whole splitting process can be completed in a few seconds with well-kept good audio quality. Super large files are also not an exception.
User-friendly Interface : It is so easy and helpful to use it by its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Once you try it, you can part with it.
Equal-size Cutting or specified-length Splitting : You can split one source WMA audio file to several equal-size segments or locating split point manually by duration time.
Profile Configurations : Edit your audio tracks by adjusting profile parameters such as codec, birthrate, sample rate and channel.
Free Customer Service : You can enjoy Lifetime free technical support, free upgrade and quick response to your problems or questions about our WMA audio splitter.

Working Mode

Direct Stream Splitting Mode
Direct Stream Splitting Mode is currently the most advanced splitting technique in the splitter software market. It supports splitting super large WMA file to various small WMA clips. Audio quality of output files is the same with source files. Splitting speed is extremely high, 10 times faster than the Encode Mode.


Encode Splitting Mode
Encode Splitting Mode supports splitting WMA file to re-encode to WMA files. So this mode is blended in conversion function. Additionally, it is popular also because of its precision.

System Requirements

> Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or later runtime
> Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/ Windows Vista/Windows 7