WMV Cutter

WMV Cutter is simple and powerful video cutting programs that can cut WMV file into one single or several various segments quickly and efficiently by locating start point and end point of each clip manually.
Advanced direct stream cut, unique video cutting technique being accurate to second and each frame, allows you to cut sources video without any quality loss. Output files is the same with source video/audio. The WMV video software's splitting speed is extremely high, 10 times faster than the Encode Mode.
It supports cutting one video file to various segments at one time. The software will cut them one after another automatically. You don't need to wait at table.
Built-in WMV player lets you watch the segments you desire to cut before the video cutting, which is really helpful when you cut WMV video files.

WMV cutter is a handy, easy and fast Video Cutter!

WMV Cutter Screenshot

Key Features about WMV Cutter

Fashionable Interface : Fashionable and user-friendly interface of the video cutter is very popular among users. Being beginner-friendly and with simple control panel, anyone can use this split software without any tutorial.
Cut Videos to Several Parts : You can split one source video file to one single part or various parts at one time by specifying files duration of each WMV file manually.
Powerful Built-in player : Preview the movie file while cutting to capture the wonderful moment using Built-in WMV video player.
Direct Stream Splitting Mode : It is really fast to cut large video files compared with similar products in the market. Using the unique technique, it only takes 1/3 time to cut a video compared with normal video cutters.

Working Mode

Direct Stream Splitting Mode is currently the most advanced technique. It supports splitting super large file to source file format including AVI, MPEG, VOB, MP4, 3GP, RM, ASF/WMV/WMA, MKV MP3 and FLV. Quality of output files is the same with source video/audio. Splitting speed is extremely high, 10 times faster than the Encode Mode.


> Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or later runtime
> Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/ Windows Vista/Windows 7